Welcome to Our Blog!

Dear Beloved Mission Family:

Well, tonight I officially become a “blogger.”  My first blog is about the new format of the NHMI website.  I love it.  Do you?  Please give us your feedback.

It’s also w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l to have Daryl and Vicki Baumann back on staff in the home office.  They are an incredible encouragement to our spirits. FYI.  Brent and Daryl will be serving in Haiti with members from the Journey Community Church January 23rd – 27th.  We’ve been told Pastor Scott will be on this team 🙂  Yes!

While on the field, Brent will handle the annual distribution of the Christmas Treasure Chests.

If you haven’t seen the church at Barriere Battant, this is the front view.  Remember, it’s “God’s Miracle Church.”