The Pumpkin Patch F.R.O.G.S.

It’s scheduled for this Sunday – September 28th. One of the NHMI church partners, Prairie Ridge Christian Union Church, is hosting an area wide pumpkin sale to raise money for the sponsorship of their two precious Haitian children, Cenise Petit Frere and Evans Louis.  Who is doing it? It’s an outreach of their youth group nicknamed The F.R.O.G.S.  (translated that means “Full Rely On God Squad”).

Pastor Mike Duncan shares that it is such a blessing to see their youth become involved in the NHMI sponsorship program.  They understand now that “it is more blessed to give” than to receive.  He shares that the entire congregation has taken an interest not only through their sponsorship involvement but also been blessed by their partnership with the Mission.

We just want to thank this church family for their active participation in child sponsorship, pastoral development, and general financial assistance each and every month … You have encouraged our hearts through your sacrificial spirit of consistent giving!