Sowing and Reaping

“For we are His workmanship created in Christ Jesus for good works which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.” Ephesians 2:10
Dear Beloved Friends of the Mission:
As Brent returned from Haiti, our missions pastor, Bob Cooper, shared this testimony about his time on the field. “It was so humbling to see those with so much less in terms of material wealth and luxury, yet with a profound resilience.  I just loved the pastors and their teams as well as the principals and teachers and the kids.  Making disciples for the kingdom is what seems to be the recurring thought for me.”  What a joy to know that we are His workmanship created in Christ Jesus for good works.
This morning our precious friends from Tennessee Valley Community Church fly into Haiti.  In preparation for their arrival, Daryl flew in Monday morning.  Primary objectives include:
  • Conduct basic physical examinations of NHMI school children accompanied by 2 Haitian doctors and our school nurse
  • Distribute medications (as prescribed), daily vitamins, de-worming tablets, and hygiene kits to NHMI school children
Water Filtration Project
  • Pilot project for this school year – distribution of water filtration kits to families of TVCC sponsored children and NHMI field staff
  • Instruct and teach on importance, use, and maintenance of water filtration kits
Pastoral Development – Discipleship in Action
  • All five NHMI pastors have been asked to bring a young man from their church that they have been working with to mentor and prepare for future service.
  • Three TVCC pastors will have a meeting with these men to note progress and give biblical insights and guidance.
  • Team will be divided into 3 groups on Sunday – with one pastor preaching at each church – to minister at Bas Aviation, Biley, and Milot.
The team members will also have an opportunity to volunteer at the Haiti Hospital Appeal facility as they will be housed on the same compound but at Volunteer Village.  A special note of gratitude to each one who serves, each one who gives, and each one who prays.  We are blessed by your partnership.  As God plants vision in the hearts of men and builds relationships between cultures, our prayer is that He is glorified by the eternal fruit of our combined kingdom service.
Experiencing the Miraculous Together,
Brent and Diana Baird
New Hope Missions International, Inc.