Prayer Requests to Praise Reports

“For You, Lord, have made me glad through Your work; I will triumph in the works of Your hands.”  Psalm 92: 4

Sharing with You – October Team Member Evaluations – From Prayer Requests to Praise Reports   


Medical/Child Sponsorship.  “This was my second mission trip to Haiti.  I was a nurse on the team.  It was a very different trip this time, because it felt more like coming back home to see family.  There was a definite feel of familiarity experience on many levels.  Most memorable was to see the young boy I help to sponsor in Biley.  He recognized me bef0re I could recognize him and smiled at me so BIG.  He gestured toward me (like one of my grandchildren).  My heart swelled with love!”  Debra Owen (TN)

Pastoral Development.  “This year I had the honor of returning to Haiti and preaching for my first time to a congregation.  While speaking with the children, I flipped their hands back and forth to their palms.  Teaching that our skin color was different but our palms the same.  That before God, we are the same.  What a blessing!”  Matthew Burt (TN)

Medical/Walter Filtration Kits/Pilot Project.  “The character strengths helpful for these trips into Haiti are a willingness to do anything for anyone.  We need to look past the poverty we see and see the faces of the children of God.  My life is always changed when I come to Haiti, and I can’t wait for my next trip here.”  Amber Roaten (TN)


“It was so humbling to see those with so much less in terms of material wealth and luxury, yet with a profound resilience.  I just loved the pastors and their teams as well as the principals and teachers and the kids.  Making disciples for the kingdom is what seems to be the recurring thought for me.”  Bob Cooper, Missions Pastor, Calvary Chapel (FL)

“Haiti has become, for our church, a great proving ground for young men and women that God is raising up to serve the body of Christ, both in the U.S. and in Haiti.  Two of our young leaders helped teach and lead in the pastoral conference.  They grew personally and were accepted by the national pastors of New Hope and their fellow Timothys.  Also preaching at Biley and seeing the resiliency of the people and the progress on the new church building was such a blessing.  What a great trip!” Steve Gallimore, Lead Pastor, TVCC (TN)

“I was able to use my organizational skills: planning the mission trip, pastor’s conference teaching materials, Sunday morning sermons in three NHMI churches, medical team materials, water filtration kit project, etc.  I also was able to see a man that I have been in a discipleship relationship for the past four years teach at the pastor’s conference as well as preach at Bas Aviation.  Equipping others to teach, counsel, lead, and preach the Gospel is a skill set that our Father in heaven has given me, and it is a blessing beyond words to see it fulfilled in action as we serve in Haiti!” Ken Wells, Missions Pastor, TVCC  (TN)