Pastoral Reflections

Steve Gallimore (Senior Pastor. Tennessee Valley Community Church)

“Seeing members of our church family on a medical mission and their heart to serve God by serving the people of Haiti was a powerful picture forever etched in my mind. Add to that the clean water pilot project and watching the children drink water that would not “hurt their tummies” was such a heart rending moment that neither we nor they will ever forget. Our people are forever changed and did not want to leave. Thanks NHMI for being faithful to God’s call on your lives.”


Mark Bickford (Senior Pastor. Rayville Christian Union Church, MO)

“As a veteran pastor, I know when you challenge and ask people to sacrifice for missions, it’s a worthwhile cause. But then when you are able to see firsthand what God is doing with their offeringsit becomes very exciting!

I actually had the opportunity to “meet and greet” the children, the pastors, and the people we are helping financially in Haiti. Walking down foot paths and village roads, I was humbled when I was given the privilege to visit the homes of sponsored children and their families within my own congregation. The Haitian families sent me back with a message — to thank my congregation and tell sponsors how much they are loved and appreciated for all that is done to make a difference in the lives of the national people. What a joy it is to confidently share with your own congregation that their sacrificial giving is making a difference in the Kingdom of God