Partnership Participation

“Teach me, O Lord, the way of Your statutes … Make me walk in the path of Your commandments for I delight in it.” Psalm 119:33-35

Beloved Mission Family:

Untold blessings are given to kingdom saints. In ministry we have had the joy of “investing eternity” into the lives of our Haitian church communities as well as the NHMI school system (which includes almost 900 children – primary grades first through sixth).

September. Hosting a teacher seminar workday to introduce the new educational curriculum – based on building Christian character – was very successful. Text messages highlighted this eternal investment. Strong spiritual response from teachers, directors, pastors. Much interest. Good questions. Excited to be together. Very encouraged.” By the end of the day, all teachers within the NHMI school system received certification in the curriculum.

October. A purpose filled education – school began in Haiti on the 2nd. With your commitment to the “Change for Change” outreach, $1,000.00 was sent to each mission school to help the directors (principals) purchase educational supplies.

Ship and Share.” 2,500 French Bibles were given to the ministry to distribute in Haiti. Thanks to a network of MO churches and individuals who sacrificially gave time to collate the Bibles as well as cover the costly expenses of shipping. Not only did all five NHMI church communities receive Bibles, but we were also able to share with Christian ministries from Port au Prince up the coast to Cap Haitian.

“Bon Dieu beni ou.”

(Translation: “May God, who is good, bless you.”)

Brent and Diana Baird