Partner Participation Projects

 Annual Outreach Initiatives

It’s an unforgettable moment when a person captures the vision of making an eternal difference.

1.  Christmastime Gifts     Months: October, November 

Because Haitian children continue to live in the most poverty stricken country in the Western Hemisphere, the annual Christmastime Gifts initiative provides an avenue for everyone to share God’s love with these precious children in simple yet tangible ways.  Small gifts tucked into a shoe box size container will bring a treasure of joy and hope to each child.  You may even choose to write a personal note inside your Christian Christmas greeting card ~ written in Creole with our help ~ which reminds them of the greatest gift of all … Jesus Christ.

For additional information, contact Ken Wells at    Cell: 731.336.8620 


2. Carnival Days     Month: February

Celebration of Mardi Gras in Haiti is a very ungodly time with voodoo as its primary focus. FYI. None of the public or private schools are in session during this time. To protect our school children and provide a secure environment for them, NHMI pastors have initiated and promoted (what they refer to as) “the grand dream of carnival retreats.”  It’s a week filled with activities – daily Bible devotions/classes/singing, games, food, and often a trip to the beach. Older students are usually involved in a conference type setting with similar events but also classes on practical life issues.  If you would like to partner with us financially, please contact Diana at

3. Vacation Bible School     Month: July    

“In the summer, we want to have a time for the children to know Jesus.” That was the appeal from our field pastors.  Incorporating several days of fun filled, Bible oriented activities, NHMI pastoral and teaching staff hosted VBS where over 700 children enjoyed food, fun, and fellowship.  They listened to God’s Word, interacted through learning Christian songs, playing team sports, engaging in life skills and craft activities as well as enjoyed drama skits, and ate a meal at lunchtime.  To partner with us financially, please contact Diana at

  1. “Change for Change”    Months: July and August                           

What is it?  A fun filled and simple financial challenge whereby loose change is saved during the summer months of July and August to help provide necessary school supplies for the NHMI student body. FYI:  In a country where over 70% of the population is functionally illiterate, our commitment to a purpose filled Christian based education is vitally important.  How will the money be used in Haiti?  To purchase core school textbooks (paperback), educational texts, chalk, chalk boards, drawing tools, meter sticks.  Also, every school in Haiti is required to update their learning centers with French dictionaries, national encyclopedias, maps of Haiti, world globes and world maps.  To partner with us financially, please contact Diana at