Ministry Partners

New Hope Missions International is built upon the foundation of partnerships:

  • Pastors
  • Congregations
  • Businesses
  • Individuals
  • Team Members

Their hearts for world evangelism and kingdom discipleship generate prayers, finances, and ministry team participation that makes an eternal difference in all our lives.  Below are testimonials from pastors throughout the United States as to the effectiveness of the NHMI ministry within their lives and the lives of their church communities.  Continue to scroll down and view testimonials from adult team members – First Impressions –  as well as teenagers – Teen Reflections.

“God truly opened my eyes to His works in this country. To see God work in the lives of the Haitians and to actually be a part of God’s work is a blessing beyond compare. The faithfulness of the Haitians, their acceptance of us, and the joy they experience in praising God and trusting Him made me see God in a whole new light. Being able to pray with the Haitian people, witness to them, and distribute food to those most in need was a blessing like no other. I pray that this experience will continue to impact me and my ministry for the rest of my life.”

Kevin Gallimore, Pastor, Bethlehem Baptist (Henry, TN) // email:


“What a blessing it has been for our church to share in the ministry of NHMI.  It is such a privilege to see our youth become involved in sponsoring the children in Haiti.  They understand the meaning of “it is more blessed to give” and have taken on the responsibility of sponsoring two new children in Haiti.  They look forward to the correspondence they receive from the children.  Our entire congregation has taken an interest in this ministry, and we are blessed by our partnership with NHMI.”

Michael Duncan, Pastor, Prairie Ridge Christian Union Church (Polo, MO)


“It’s been more than a pleasure to partner with New Hope Missions since 2005.  Brent’s heart for Haiti is seen in his unrelenting compassion for her people which has definitely inspired the leadership of Grace Chapel.  We look forward to working together for years to come.”

Steve Berger, Lead Pastor, Grace Chapel (Franklin, TN) // website:








Pastor Steve Berger with Reese Smith (NHMI Advisory Board)


“It is a JOY for our church family to be able to partner with New Hope Missions to make a difference in Haiti for the kingdom of God.  Bringing HOPE to the hurting, I have had the opportunity to witness firsthand lives being changed by the love of Christ, the Word of God, the Mission, and the ministry partners.  Child, teacher, and pastor sponsorships have also been a great way to connect our church family with the day to day work on the field.”

Mark Bickford, Lead Pastor, Rayville Christian Union Church (Rayville, MO) // email:








Pastor Mark Bickford (Village Ministry)


“We count it a joy to partner with New Hope Missions and its vision to minister to the people of Haiti.  We believe this is an eternal investment in furthering the Kingdom of God.”

Scott Jones, Pastor, Collins Christian Church (Collins, IA) // email:


“When the power of God infuses the people of God, there is an explosion of grace.  That was the result when God granted Tennessee Valley Community Church a burden for Haiti and a partnership with New Hope Missions International – an explosion of grace!  I know of no greater way to connect the heart of a people with the cause of Christ than the hands on ministries of NHMI.  We have found NHMI staff to be trustworthy people of the highest character and integrity.”

Steve Gallimore, Lead Pastor, Tennessee Valley Community Church (Paris, TN) // email:








Pastor Steve Gallimore


“I am blown away by the vast and powerful impact of New Hope Missions.  The schools are an amazing testimony of bringing hope to Haiti.  The children are so well behaved and filled with joy.”
Matt Tumas, Care Pastor,  Journey Community Church (Boynton Beach, FL)


“Nothing has had such a profound effect on my life in kingdom service as going to Haiti in 2007 did. My role as a pastor, a husband, a father, and as a friend has been radically affected by what God taught me on that first trip. Since that time I have made several trips into the country, led teams, and established friendships that will be eternal. The pastors of our Haiti churches have helped me to understand that although our culture is different, we all struggle with many of the same issues in serving Christ.  I have come to love the people of Haiti and have learned that they are a vital part of the body of Christ. Being vested in a missions program like NHMI has done more for our church than we have ever been able to do for the mission.”
Ralph Morris, Lead Pastor, NHMI Board Member, Vibbard Christian Union (Vibbard, MO) // email:

Pastor Ralph Morris

Ministry partners are dedicated team members.  The following testimonials are the first impressions from adult team members who have served in ministry with us.

Education.  “I am blown away by the vast and powerful impact of New Hope Missions.  The schools are an amazing testimony of bringing hope to Haiti.  The children are so well behaved and filled with joy.”  Matt Tumas (FL)

Medical/Child Sponsorship.  “This was my second mission trip to Haiti.  I was a nurse on the team.  It was a very different trip this time, because it felt more like coming back home to see family.  Most memorable was to see the boy I sponsor.  He recognized me before I could recognize him and smiled at me BIG.  My heart swelled with love!”  Debra Owen (TN)

Child Sponsorship.  “When the child I sponsor came out to play VBS games, I asked for him to be pointed out to me, so I could watch him play.  We were introduced which was amazing.  But when we went back to play the games, I saw him pointing me out to his friends.  He had such a pride in his eyes.  I cannot explain what that did to my soul.  Being able to see him and to see that, as I was obedient to God, it not only helped the child but his whole family have a better life is very humbling.”
Crystal Redmon (MO)

Construction.  “I believe the only skills needed are your smile and for patience when teaching someone who does not speak English how to do a job they have never done before. The Haitian people are absolutely amazing. Their willingness to help without ever asking for money is unbelievable since they are so very poor and starving.  Their smiles, especially the children, are priceless. It was the first time I did anything like this, and I am now hooked on serving others just as Jesus did.”  Mike Modica (FL)

Missouri teenagers share life-changing reflections after returning from a trip into Haiti.  Their personal ministry to hundreds of children within the NHMI school system and church communities will never be forgotten!

“An experience that made an eternal difference in my life was when the child my family sponsors asked the interpreter if she could give me a hug and then she kissed me on the cheek.  The whole time that I was playing with her, she kept telling me how much she loved my family.  The thing that really made that moment was the fact she had never met me and never had any other connection with me other than the monthly support and Christmas box my family gave her.  That was a very touching moment for me.”    Aaron Shank

“Going to Haiti has definitely been a life changing experience.  It really opened my eyes to see how God’s love effects and changes His people in Haiti and in the United States.  One thing that really tugged at my heart was going through the Christmas gift box with the boy my family sponsors.  After everything he touched, he was sure to say thank you.  Later that day, his aunt came and told me that me and my family are like part of their family since both of his parents have left and he now lives with his grandma.  I am so glad God has allowed me to go and meet the people of this amazing country.  I am ready for the next trip!”    Haley George

“I feel that going to Haiti was a very eye opening experience for me.  I never thought that I’d see some of the things that I got to see.  I was really nervous at first, just to go to the schools and speak, but after I got started…it was a blast and I didn’t want to leave!   When I was there, God taught me that everyone is really the same.  What I need to do is to love them all and have patience with everyone I come in contact with.”     Jessica Lyon

A Final Word from Brent and Diana Baird.  ” As God plants vision in the hearts of men and builds relationships between cultures, our prayer is that He is glorified by the eternal fruit of our combined kingdom service.”