March Teams … Take Two

“Oh give thanks unto the Lord for he is good.  His mercy endures forever.”  Psalm 108:1
Dear Mission Friends:
March Team #1.  What a precious opportunity as Brent was able to be on the field with the “Sponsor Care” team from Journey Community Church (FL).  Everyone returned with joyful hearts and renewed vision.  It has been absolutely incredible to continue in partnership with them as vision turns to reality.
March Team #2Daryl Baumann will be on the field March 19th – 26th. Jeff Baird (NHMI Board Member) and Pastor Art Cavanaugh will be accompanying him on this team.
Highly Focused Educational Emphasis
  • Develop second phase of Christian character curriculum (seminar training conference for NHMI teachers)
  • Visit 4 elementary schools.  Purpose: Teachers need curriculum supplies.  Note: Our elementary schools have no manipulative teaching tools for subjects i.e. math, science, english.
  • Bowls for Bas Aviation Feeding Center (Note: Not enough bowls; children take turns eating)
  • Research new peanut butter protein supplement
  • Research on secondary school possibilities (networking system for students grade 7-13)
  • Preparation for 3 autumn teams
  • Powdered milk for pregnant women and nursing mothers within NHMI church communities
  • Pastoral Encouragement
  • Administrative Duties
Thank you for sacrificial partnership. 
Eternally Connected,
Brent and Diana Baird
Daryl and Vicki Baumann
New Hope Missions International, Inc.