Ministry Teams


                                                                    INTERACTIVE MINISTRY


Ignited by God given initiative, a mission team provides an avenue of opportunity to exercise your faith.  How?  By sharing your talents and expertise with the people who live in the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, Haiti.  As your desire to serve intensifies, this page will not only give you a list of the requirements but also outline a brief summary of the teams serving with the Mission this year. 


Passport required – For help, access 

  • View “Expedite Passport.”

Shots recommended include:

  • Hepatitis A and B
  • Typhoid
  • Chloroquine pills for malaria

Price: Cost will vary depending upon airline expense and accomodations arranged for team while in Haiti. Team members are responsible for transportation to and from Florida.

Field Health Practices:

  • Always question the water! Make sure your team leader has indicated that the water is safe to drink.
  • It is also a good idea to bring a backpack as well as individually wrapped snacks for daytime travel. Eat food only as directed by team leaders.
  • Wash your hands during and after all field activities in warm soapy water. Team members are encouraged to carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer.
  • Due to an over abundance of mosquitoes during certain seasons, bug repellant is recommended.


  • Willingness to comply with NHMI practices and policies while serving on the field.
  • Clothing. Please wear lightweight attire. Women should wear skirts, dresses, capris or split skirts. Please avoid wearing tight blouses or shirts. Men can wear blue jeans or casual trousers with a polo shirt or nice t-shirt. For all team members. No short shorts, cutoffs, or men’s shorts will be allowed outside the hotel at any time. Tank tops are not allowed. Team members need to make sure there are no rips or tears in their clothing. Please wear shoes everywhere.
  • Never give your address, email, or phone number to a national.
  • Please do not take pictures of people in very poor situations without their permission. It is an insult to their culture and their lifestyle.
  • Team members need to ask Mission personnel before giving out money as gifts to the Haitian people and before making any promises or commitments to them. It can be difficult for guests of the Mission to understand the mentality of the nationals. What might seem harmless to you can create angry feelings toward team members and career missionaries. Our desire is that the witness of our daily lives might be woven into the fabric of Haitian culture as golden strands of God’s redemptive love.

As your desire turns into reality, you should receive a NHMI team member commitment package complete with a disclaimer form that needs to be signed and returned to the respective team leader before you leave for the field.  Because we value YOUR input …  toward the end of your team experience, you will also be asked to fill out a short evaluation form which helps us determine the effectiveness of our combined ministry outreach.




Field Dates: January 11-13
Team Host: Doug Diamond – “Living for Hope”
Team Objectives
• Ministry to the Elderly

Field Dates: January 19-26
Ministry Partner: VCU Youth Team (MO)
Team Objectives
• Vacation Bible School
• Picture Day/Classroom Connections
• Food Distribution
• MO Sponsor Christmas Present Distribution


Field Dates: Jan 29th – Feb 5th
Ministry Partner: Grace Chapel (TN)
Team Objectives
• Conference for Men
• Distribution of Christmas Gifts – Field Employees

Field Dates: 
Ministry Partner: Journey (FL)
Team Objectives
• Christmas Present Distribution for Journey sponsored children
• Stanton Optical – Eyeglass Distribution for Students, Teachers, and Field Personnel
• Village Evangelism/Food Distribution


Field Dates: March 23-29
Ministry Host: Ken Wells
Ministry Partners: Springhill Baptist (TN); Bird’s Creek Baptist (TN); Open Arms (PA)
Team Objectives
• Village Evangelism/Food Distribution
• Interaction with School Children/Sponsored Children
• VBS Games


Field Dates: To Be Determined
Hosts: Michael and Melissa Goldsmith (MO)
Team Objectives
• Medical Team

Field Dates: To Be Determined
Hosts: Michael and Melissa Goldsmith (MO)
Team Objectives
• Cross Cultural Teacher Training Conference


Field Dates: October 12-19th (Tentative)
Ministry Partner: Grace Chapel (TN)
Team Objectives 

• Parenting Conference
• Elderly Ministry


Field Dates: November 3rd-7th 
Ministry Partner: Journey (FL)
Team Objectives
Stanton Optical – Vision Exams – Eyeglasses for School Children 
• Child Sponsorship Interaction
• Village Evangelism/Food Distribution

Field Dates: November – 3rd week
Ministry Partner: TVCC (TN)
Team Objectives
• Medical Clinics at NHMI Schools, Barriere, Battant, Chaffrey, and Cima
• Height and Weight Progress Charts for TVCC Sponsored Children
• Child Sponsorship Interaction
• Village Evangelism/Food Distribution