Child Sponsorship

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Reality.  Orphaned, abandoned, and poverty-stricken children are the silent tragedy of every struggling nation, and Haiti is no exception.  The faces of these precious children become a picture of hopelessness too vivid to erase, and their cries rise to God, “a father to the fatherless.”  With almost 2,000 children in the NHMI School network and over 1,100 children in the Child Sponsorship Program, we feel His blessing of divine provision each and every day! 

Vision.  Your annual commitment of $35.00 per month will provide for the needs of a forgotten child in northern Haiti.  Every cent of your $35.00 goes directly to the field, and the breakdown of your investment is:

School: Education, Feeding Program, Administrative Costs – 51.5 % 

Family Assistance:  – 40.0 % 

Field Expense: Field Personnel, Maintenance, Medical Fund, and Updates – 8.5 %

Note: Except for Family Assistance, percentages are subject to change depending upon the relevant needs of the school year and the programs developed within each school for spiritual and academic progress.

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Sponsorship. Monthly monies assist with the educational expenses for your child at a Mission school and help to supply a nutritious lunch for them on school days. $12.00 a month is given directly to the parent or guardian of your child. This is to empower the families — to provide for the needs of the child and promote the stability of the home.

Funds are also used to pay for bi-monthly school health visits by a Haitian nurse, the distribution of basic medical supplies, and limited medical assistance when required. A portion of these funds will be used for evangelism/discipleship avenues of ministry within the schools as well as designated for construction and maintenance of classrooms, security walls, bathroom facilities, school benches, and tables. The balance goes toward Haitian personnel salaries (security personnel, classroom monitors, child sponsorship coordinators) and administrative costs.

A Commonly Asked Question. How many times per year will my child communicate with me?  Twice a year.

End of school report. Your child will send a personal note with an update of their school progress. (Remember to set realistic expectations if your child is at a young age.) You will also receive a current picture of your child along with “Classroom Connections/Teacher Reflections.” Christmastime Correspondence. After the first of the year, you will receive an update from your child along with relevant information concerning their school and village experience. Due to extenuating circumstances (which can be varied and many), your correspondence might not reach you until late winter. When this is the case, please be patient – it’s coming!

You may also receive quarterly mission newsletters highlighting praise and progress reports. If you are not currently on our NHMI partner mailing list but would like to be, please write Diana Baird at

What does sponsorship mean to a poverty stricken child?

A Precious Opportunity. There was once a little girl whom God created that lived in the land of Haiti. This precious child was born with a handicap. She was severely cross-eyed. The superstitious people of the tiny country feared there was a voodoo curse upon her. Living with rejection and ridicule, she had a very difficult time seeing and learning in school.

The omnipotent God who made her knew all the pain in her life. He chose a loving couple in the U.S. to sponsor her. Her “American Mom”, Debbie Richardson, had the opportunity to serve in Haiti on an evangelistic work team. Anticipation grew in Debbie’s heart waiting for the time she would actually be able to connect with her Haitian child face to face. When that time came, there were loving embraces, a time of gift giving, and communication through an interpreter. As Debbie was leaving to return and teach in Vacation Bible School, her child turned around, ran toward Debbie, and put her arms around her neck saying, “I love you so much I would die for you.”