January Teams

1.) As 2014 began, Don Molinari (NHMI Board Member) and Brent served in Haiti January 7th thru 10th.  The primary purposes of their trip included construction and administrative meetings.   Construction: Continuation on the construction of the new church at Biley.  Note:  We have always appreciated Don’s wise counsel and his lifelong skills in the field of construction.  Administration:  Meetings with pastoral and teaching staff as new directives are being implemented on the field.  2.) With preparation and purpose, the second team into Haiti will actually be arriving back early this evening. We are excited to welcome Aaron and Teagan Winfrey (father and daughter duo) as the newest team member partners on the field.  With four action packed days of service, the priorities for this trip included partial distribution of Christmas gifts for our school children (sponsored and non-sponsored) as well as village ministry and food distribution. 

On behalf of both home and field ministerial staff, thanks to everyone for your eternal investments in ministry.