God’s Miracle on Wheels

Severely injured in the devastating Haiti earthquake of 2010, no one thought Samuel would live.  His spinal cord injuries had left him a crumpled shadow of what he had been.  But God had other plans for this young man’s life.  As people gathered around his hospital bed, there was a plea unto our Almighty God to spare and restore him.  As his body miraculously began to heal, his faith flourished.  Three years later … you will now find  him propelling about the sprawling grounds of Haiti Hospital Appeal in his wheelchair, praying over every building and the workers who labor in them.  He always remembers to visit the patients ranging from new born infants and elderly stroke victims to paraplegics like himself, taking the love and joy of Christ wherever he goes.  Under his leadership, songs of praise flow out of a large white tent at the center of the grounds with the word “CHAPEL” painted boldly on the side.  And if you ask him, he will share his vision of taking a message of hope to the handicapped people of Haiti.  That day … when we went to the hospital  it was to bring a word of encouragement to a handicapped young man who had lost so much.  But we came away humbled, challenged, and strengthened in our own walk of faith by God’s miracle on wheels.

(Haitian translator, Florida pastor Art Cavanaugh, NHMI Administrator Daryl Baumann, NHMI Board Member Jeff Baird and Samuel)       Note: Also posted under “Frontline News: Spotlight on Haiti.”