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Anointed time – Incredible Spirit – Abundant Fruit


The people of Haiti welcomed the Grace Chapel Team with open hands and open hearts. This team was unique because it was not only the first time women served as team members from GC but also the first time NHMI hosted women seminars.  These women of faith ~ Kathy, Lisa, Carol, Ruth, and Nikki ~ brought with them a message of renewed hope and steadfast joy as they taught the Haitian women their true identity in Christ.  Affirmation from God’s Word: “I am special.” “I am not alone.” “I am God’s masterpiece.” “I am not condemned.” “I am pure.” “I am forgiven.”  More than 260 women attended these meetings.  Over half of them came forward to confess decisions of recommitment and salvation.  How we praise God for the victories won in Christ!

The construction team completed the Biley School renovation. These men of God ~ Matt H., Tim, Del, Paul, Matt B., and Robert ~ put the new roof on the Biley School.  Led by Del Hardin, they did a remarkable job as they built and mounted 34 trusses on the original Biley structure (built in 1991).  This was in compliance with government safety standards.


Pastor Myron and Tim also facilitated a day and a half seminar with the NHMI church leadership.  What a God given time of encouragement and instruction!  Finally, the team was able to share in the joy of village evangelism and food distribution for the villages of Biley and Chaufway.  As they shared the tangible love of Jesus, many people received prayer and bags of food.


Anchor Scripture ~ Team Verse:  “Those people who live in darkness will see a great light. They live in a place covered with the shadows of death, but a light will shine on them.” Matthew 4:16    … and to God be the glory, great things He hath done!

The Pumpkin Patch F.R.O.G.S.

It’s scheduled for this Sunday – September 28th. One of the NHMI church partners, Prairie Ridge Christian Union Church, is hosting an area wide pumpkin sale to raise money for the sponsorship of their two precious Haitian children, Cenise Petit Frere and Evans Louis.  Who is doing it? It’s an outreach of their youth group nicknamed The F.R.O.G.S.  (translated that means “Full Rely On God Squad”).

Pastor Mike Duncan shares that it is such a blessing to see their youth become involved in the NHMI sponsorship program.  They understand now that “it is more blessed to give” than to receive.  He shares that the entire congregation has taken an interest not only through their sponsorship involvement but also been blessed by their partnership with the Mission.

We just want to thank this church family for their active participation in child sponsorship, pastoral development, and general financial assistance each and every month … You have encouraged our hearts through your sacrificial spirit of consistent giving!





Working Together ~ Celebration Fun

The totals are in for both the “Change for Change” and Backpack Challenge initiatives.  Working together, more than $6,000.00 was raised to help equip and prepare our teachers and students for the 2014-2015 school year. “To God be the glory – great things He has done” through the generous spirit of our NHMI mission friends.  

In Missouri, the last Sunday in August marked the end of these two initiatives for our church families.  One church “celebrated” the funds they raised on behalf of Change 4 Change with a hula dance competition between their lead pastor (Ralph Morris) and assistant pastor/worship team leader (Travis Morris-Ralph’s son).  This you tube video just had to be shared with you – it’s short and a lot of fun!  Tune in for the Change for Change: Hula Dance: http://youtu.be/vqU1nIvPTg8


September Update

“He has shown you, O man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God.”  Micah 6:8

To our Beloved Ministry Partners:

Mark Elliott and Daryl Baumann will be in Haiti this week (September 8-12). As you pray for them, the primary objectives of the trip include:
Haitian Leadership.  Mark and Daryl will be meeting with our school directors. They will continue to help provide Godly direction as additional responsibility is given to the national pastoral staff and the Haitian school committees in regards to the oversight and management of the four schools and 1,000 children. Mark will also be involved in pastoral meetings and Daryl will be connecting with our two field child sponsorship coordinators.
  • Pictures will be posted on Facebook. 
  • Progress and praise updates will be in the October newsletter.
Construction.  The fall building project for the October team is the renovation of the original Biley Church into a school building. Because of its dilapidated condition, it needs a new roof as well as minor upgrades. This has been financed by the home church of the October team – Grace Chapel.
Child Sponsorship/EducationWith almost 500 children in the child sponsorship program, we want to express our appreciation for YOU.  Your sponsorship and financial partnership does make a difference! Smile Because of your generous help in the “Change for Change” initiative as well as the Backpack Challenge, our teachers are equipped to begin the 2014-2015 school year.
Fall TeamsFor team members preparing to serve on a NHMI team in October and November – Grace Chapel, Tennessee Valley Community Church, and Journey Community Church – we want to thank you in advance for your commitment and service. We are praying for you!
United in God-Given Partnership,
NHMI Home Team


6th Grade Graduation Results!


Show me your ways, O Lord, teach me your paths: Guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Savior…”  Psalm 25:4,5a

The results are in.  94% of NHMI sixth graders passed the government tests which enables them to continue on with their academic studies in secondary education (7th through 13th grade).  Because education is the icon of success in Haitian culture, this is a very important milestone for our students to achieve.

 As we shared previously, Creole Bibles were provided as a gift to all 6th grade graduates of the schools.  How we thank each child sponsor as well as Sunday School groups, church families, etc. who give so generously to help these precious children not only survive but thrive in very difficult circumstances.  Please join us in prayer as we ask God to continue to show them His ways and guide them in His truth!

On the Field – Prayer and Praise

“I will thank You, Lord, among all the people. I will sing Your praises among the nations. 
May Your glory shine over all the earth.” Psalm 108: 3,5b

Dear Beloved Friends of the Mission:

Daryl Baumann, NHMI Administrative Assistant, is in Haiti this week. Primary objectives for his trip includes:

Child Sponsorship.  As the amount of sponsored children has increased to almost 500, it is vital to connect, interact, and enable our field child sponsorship coordinators ~ Paul Guerrier and Elsie Lubin ~ to accomplish the tasks set before them.

Pastoral Connection.  Because NHMI is a Haitian empowered ministry, Daryl will be meeting with the pastoral staff on Wednesday for ministerial updates and pro active interaction regarding ministry vision.

Construction. As we prepare for the 2014-2015 school year in Haiti, there are definite needs for school building repairs and a storage facility. He will be meeting with our field coordinator, Jacquelin Valmyr, for estimates and project preparation.

Making an Eternal Difference – “See” it on Facebook.  Missions Assistant, Rachelle Baird, is creating albums to highlight different aspects of ministry partnership.  Please like and share FB with us ~ thank you!  

Let’s praise the Lord together ~ His mercies endure forever! 

The Backpack Challenge

The Backpack Challenge, as well as Change for Change, will provide over 1,000 students in the NHMI school system with essential school supplies.  With each donation of $20.00, a backpack and limited educational items will be purchased for a 2nd – 6th grader. (Shipping charges are included.)


(Pictures from the Backpack Challenge in 2011.  It was called the “Time of the Great Excitement.”)

A Note of Appreciation: We are so grateful to Office Depot and the Office Depot Foundation for the gift of free sackpacks to all of our Kindergarten and 1st grade students through their National Backpack Program.  Thank you so much for your partnership … and to Bob Golden, a precious friend of the Mission, who made sure it happened :-)!

“Change for Change”


 It’s an unforgettable moment when a child or an adult captures the vision of making an eternal difference. 

 “Change for Change” is a fun filled financial challenge where anyone and everyone can save their loose change to help provide necessary school supplies for the NHMI student body of 1,000 children. When school in Haiti begins in October, the money will be used to purchase school books, chalk, chalk boards, drawing tools, meter sticks, and more.  Every school in Haiti is also required to update their learning centers with French dictionaries, encyclopedias, maps of Haiti, globes, and world maps. In a country where over 70% of the population is functionally illiterate, it is vitally important to be committed to a purpose filled Christian based education for our elementary school children bringing about an eternal change in their lives.   

As one church has actively involved their VBS in the “Change for Change” initiative, Pat Polo (lead pastor’s wife) shares her testimony about their involvement:  “Our VBS kids LOVED bringing their change, knowing it would be sent to help children in Haiti.  With power points of the Haiti children, our kids could actually “see” who would be helped and allowed them to capture a vision of ministering to others. One of the highlights of each evening was to see how much was collected!”  (Old Union Christian Union Church, MO)



Reaching Haiti and Beyond …


“Listen, my dear brothers and sisters: Has not God chosen those who are poor in the eyes of the world to be rich in faith and to inherit the kingdom He promised those who love Him? James 2:5

Mark Elliott, President of the NHMI Board of Directors, is pursuing the vision God has given him.  On June 30th he will leave for the Dominican Republic and Haiti for two weeks.  Primary Purpose: He will be teaching in evangelistic/discipleship conferences and church services.

July 1-7: Dominican Republic

  • 4 Mission Conferences
  • Equipping and Teaching National Pastors and Leaders

July 8-14: Haiti

  • NHMI Leadership Conferences (Pastoral and Administrative)
  • Regional Conference with Pastoral Leaders in Cap Haitian
  • Equipping and Mentoring National Pastors and Leaders

Prayer Requests:

  • … that God will protect and provide for Mark as he faithfully labors in the vineyards of the D.R. and Haiti.  
  • … that this trip will bring forth eternal fruit – thirty, sixty, and a hundred fold. 
  • … to thank God because the glory of our committed lives is His!





Chikungunya Fever

As the news media has reported, this fever has been rampant in various parts of Haiti.  We would appreciate your prayers on behalf of the NHMI Haitian family of believers – 5 churches and 4 schools. 

What is it? It is a fever accompanied by an illness that has the combined symptoms of malaria and severe arthritis.

How long does it last? It typically lasts for one to two weeks depending on the condition and age of the person. The “carry over” symptoms can linger for an even longer period of time.

Who has been affected? We have had several reports of NHMI field personnel as well as pastoral families that have contracted the fever.  With school dismissed for the summer, we have been praying for the children and their families.

Thank you for your effective and fervent prayers on their behalf.

NHMI Home Office Staff



Graduation is here!

Dear Beloved Mission Friends:

Please join us in the praise and prayer progress reports for June.


In the Spring, evangelistic ministry and outreach through our Haitian pastors and congregations has resulted in the salvation of many new souls.  Join us in praise for our new brothers and sisters in Christ and in prayer for their spiritual growth and encouragement.


As the 2013-2014 school year is coming to a close throughout our nation, it is also coming to a close in Haiti.   This is an important time in the life of all our sixth grade students as they will begin government testing in the next two weeks which requires a passing grade to proceed onto secondary education.  Please pray with us for them.  Note: In comparison to the 15% of students that pass these tests from government schools, the efforts of NHMI students have consistently been rewarded by the annual overwhelming average success rate of 90% or above.  Many thanks to our education staff – our Haitian teachers work diligently to provide a quality academic atmosphere for our students.


A generous gift from a church life group has provided a Creole Bible for each 6th grade student graduating from our four Haitian schools. Pray that the Word of God will be hidden in their hearts as they live under very difficult circumstances.


The return of about 350 update forms from our sponsored children in Haiti is keeping the Home Office busy. Preparation has begun to sort the material, update office records, and mail these precious and personal “connections” from child to sponsor.

Thank you for your partnership.  May you both be a blessing and receive a blessing as you reach out and touch others in His Name and through His Word.

The NHMI Home Office Team


Witnessing the Miraculous Together

“But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.”  Acts 1:8      


“Underscoring the power of relationships God establishes within His kingdom…” Pastor Myron Goodwin

Dear Beloved Mission Friends:

What a Godly blessing it is to partner with you in the harvest fields of Haiti. We are just sending out the May ministry newsletter.  It features:

Team Member Reflections.  February and April Teams.

Eduardo Aljure. “It was serving the Lord by serving others in working together with the local people carrying materials and tools to help build their church as well as being part of distributing food and oil to the needy people within the mission congregations. This was a great experience for my spiritual growth. It will change my life and expectations.”

Tana Conner. “This was my first trip to Haiti and I must say I love this country and the people.  I am thankful to see first-hand how this ministry is effectively sharing Christ’s love and hope to the Haitian people by equipping the Haitian people in leadership positions. Because of the strong foundations and Christ-centeredness, I will continue to pray for this mission.  What a blessing you’ve been to me! Thank you.”

Will Shogren.  “I found that the only real skill that proved helpful for me was going into this experience with an open mind and a willingness to adapt as needed.  Playing with the kids in Biley touched me profoundly because it was my first experience with children in a developing country and their openness and joy shook me to my very core … catching glimpses of Jesus everywhere I looked.”

NHMI Church and School Update. 1) As our pastoral staff has learned the importance of grace filled truth and discipleship, they are investing their lives by equipping others (a “Timothy” principle). 2) At Biley, the new church building is reaching completion. The concrete floor has been poured. Fifteen more benches have also been constructed to meet the needs of our church and school communities. Many thanks to 2014 team members and especially Don Molinari (NHMI Board Member) for a job well done!

500 Children in Sponsorship Program. Almost 1,000 students enrolled in the NHMI school districts, and over 500 now have sponsors.  Please rejoice with us in God’s favor as He has given vision and commitment as we labor together in His kingdom.

Witnessing the Miraculous Together,
The Home Office Staff

“… and a little child shall lead them.”

Dear Beloved Friends of the Mission:

Easter … Resurrection Day … as we rejoice in the precious gift of redemption that Jesus gave, we want to share with you a story about a young child named Kadance James.  She and her family live in MO, and they faithfully sponsor a child in Haiti.

This was written by the pastor’s wife of her church, Dianna Morris:

“I wanted to tell you how this special gift of cash for $50.00 was earned.  We have a little girl called Kadance James who attends our church with her family.  They sponsor a child in Haiti. She wanted to do something special for their child in Haiti.  On her own, she decided to write stories and sell them.  She took them around her neighborhood and sold them to her neighbors and earned $50.00.   I was so very proud of her for doing this.  I told her we would make sure this money was given to her sponsored child.  This touched Pastor Ralph and I so much that I wanted you all to know too.”

… and a little child shall lead them …  Isaiah 11:6

Praising God Together,

The Home Office Team



Double Time in Kingdom Service

“As it is written, “How beautiful is the person who comes to bring good news.”  Romans 10:15 (NCV)
Dear Beloved Mission Friends:
As I am writing this update to you, Brent has already left for the airport this morning.  He will be flying in with the first team to Haiti and stay on the field to minister with the second team that arrives on Friday, April 11th.  Needless to say, it has been a whirlwind of activity in the Baird household preparing for him to leave and serve for two weeks.
Team OneCalvary Chapel Port Saint Lucie (FL) will be on the field April 3rd-8th.  Note:The Baird Family is blessed to be involved with this church community.  It is our home church.
Team Priorities include:
  • Ministerial:  Missions Pastor, Bob Cooper, will be sharing with NHMI pastoral leadership as well as teaching Sunday morning. Since one of the team members speaks Creole fluently, she will be sharing the “Life of Jesus” coloring book posters, compliments of Gospel Light, with the school children in a VBS type setting.  There is also a desire to be involved with village outreach.
  • Construction: Pouring the church floor at Biley
  • Child Sponsorship: Compiling pictures and profiles of NHMI school children for sponsorship
Team Two: Grace Chapel (TN) will be on the field Friday, April 11th to Friday, April 18th.  Their veteran missions pastor, Myron Goodwin, will lead this team.  What a blessing it is to partner with this faithful and encouraging church family for ten years.
Team Priorities include:
  • Ministerial: Discipleship/small group pastoral conference in Cap Haitian
  • Evangelistic Outreach: Door to door sharing the Gospel, praying for the sick, and distribution of food bags in Biley. *Also a “reconnect” with new believers who came to Christ through team efforts of Grace Chapel in November of 2013.*
  • Construction: School benches for Biley
  • Casting Vision: Visitation of a remote mountain village area.  Prayer for discernment to “see what God is doing.”
Just for You.  Thank you for placing Brent (his administrative duties) and these two teams on your prayer calendar and in your hearts.  “The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.”  James 5:16  United we stand, and having done all, we stand firm to the glory and praise of God.  Let’s experience the miraculous together!

On the Field

“Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good.  His love endures forever.”  Psalm 136:1
Dear Beloved Mission Friends:
Excited to serve, this morning a NHMI team arrived in Haiti.  Their focus: Sponsor Care.  Note: Within their church community, 170 mission children are sponsored.   
Not only will this team produce a promotional video/website material for Sponsor Care, they will also be distributing hundreds of Christmas Treasure Chests (gift boxes) as well as taking individual pictures of sponsored children for their church family (Journey Community Church).
Schedule Glimpses:
Monday.       Morning: Arrive in Haiti
                   Afternoon: School Location Ministry: Milot
Tuesday.      Morning: School Location Ministry: Biley
                   Afternoon: School Location: Limonade
Wednesday: Morning: School Location Ministry: Bas Aviation
                   Afternoon: Depart Haiti
Please prayerfully hold onto their hands as they hold onto His.  There is too much at stake to let go.
Eternally Connected and Forever Grateful,
Brent and Diana Baird

I Am Willing

(The following is an update from the second NHMI team that served in Haiti at the end of January.  Led by Daryl and Vicki Baumann, one of the main priorities of this team was food distribution and village ministry.)

Now a leper came to Him, imploring Him, kneeling down to Him and saying to Him, “If You are willing, You can make me clean.”  Then Jesus, moved with compassion, stretched out His hand and touched him, and said to him, “I am willing; be cleansed.”   Mark 1:40-41

It is one thing to be willing to be stretched, willing to be uncomfortable, and willing to witness the poverty and pain of the masses up close and personal.  But as you enter into the pain and suffering of the people, are overwhelmed with their needs, and moved with compassion, it leaves you forever changed and forever longing to make a difference.  On our recent trip into Haiti, we experienced all of these afresh.  Over and over the thought passed through my mind, “If only Jesus were here to reach out with His healing, transforming touch.”  But gradually over the next four days, He revealed a powerful truth to all of us.  He was there!

As bags of food were passed out to the elderly, the blind, and the crippled, we saw Haitian believers join with each other in singing choruses, praying, and sharing grateful words of thanks.  We joined in prayer for the sick and suffering including a small boy with dangerous fluid pressure on his brain and numerous premature infants struggling to survive.  We witnessed a huge smile brighten the face of a severely crippled teenage girl when I whispered in her ear, “Jesus loves you and so do we.”


We shared in the waves of joy and anticipation, sweeping through lives of hundreds of little Haitian children, as Christmas gift boxes were placed in their hands.We saw excitement in the eyes of church leaders when presented with Creole Bibles to distribute to their congregations.  And in the depth of our hearts we clearly saw Jesus moved with compassion, stretching out our hands, touching their lives, and saying, “I am willing.”



January Teams

1.) As 2014 began, Don Molinari (NHMI Board Member) and Brent served in Haiti January 7th thru 10th.  The primary purposes of their trip included construction and administrative meetings.   Construction: Continuation on the construction of the new church at Biley.  Note:  We have always appreciated Don’s wise counsel and his lifelong skills in the field of construction.  Administration:  Meetings with pastoral and teaching staff as new directives are being implemented on the field.  2.) With preparation and purpose, the second team into Haiti will actually be arriving back early this evening. We are excited to welcome Aaron and Teagan Winfrey (father and daughter duo) as the newest team member partners on the field.  With four action packed days of service, the priorities for this trip included partial distribution of Christmas gifts for our school children (sponsored and non-sponsored) as well as village ministry and food distribution. 

On behalf of both home and field ministerial staff, thanks to everyone for your eternal investments in ministry.  





Christmas Greetings from Haiti

Dearly love Brothers and Sisters:

To all board members, to all givers of orphans, children, and school programs, to all givers of feeding programs and workers of construction, and to all givers – you are friends who are special to the ministry in Haiti – Greetings from Haiti, West Indies.  We want you to know that we greatly appreciate all sacrifice that you do for us. It has been our privilege to know you all as fellow ministers and friends for many years.  We pray with all our heart that God will bring to you victory, faith, and hope for all of your hard work.  It is from our gratitude that we say the thank you for everything you’ve done among us and for us.  For all that reason, we love you and we are remembering all of you and your families in our prayers.  May you have a Christmas that is very good, and a New Year that is happy and also very good.  God bless you all.

The Haitian Staff of New Hope Missions International, Inc.


Give the Gift of Color at Christmastime

*** Capturing the Vision – Connecting the Children ***

As visions become reality, God has opened up the avenues of opportunity to provide all our elementary children with Christian coloring books in their native Creole language. Life of Christ.  Networking with Gospel Light, this 16 page coloring book has beautiful Scripture based illustrations that depict the life of Christ from His birth to His ascension.  Evangelism.  Inspired by child evangelism (salvation), Reaching Kids for Christ has designed another 16 page Christian creole coloring book entitled “You Are Special.” These are precious opportunities for our Haitian school children to learn about Jesus while coloring fun filled pages. 

Suggested donation price for each book is $5.00 which includes printing, shipping costs, & customs tax.   


Also, if you want to view the progress on the church at Biley, please return to the Home Page, select the first tab at the top, “Our Purpose”, and access “Projects.”  Under Construction #1, you will see the three pictures of the NEW Biley Church.  Heartfelt thanks to the October and November teams who worked diligently in the heat of the hot sun to accomplish this labor of love!