First Impressions

In trying to connect cultures, we want YOU to know the first impressions of adult team members who served in Haiti with the November and December/January teams.

Education.  “I am blown away by the vast and powerful impact of New Hope Missions.  The schools are an amazing testimony of bringing hope to Haiti.  The children are so well behaved and filled with joy.”  Matt Tumas (FL)

Medical.  “I was so overwhelmed at first, but I came to understand that God put me here to serve Him.  We worked on our faith at night (Bible study) and took that into the field the next morning.  Our talents were used, and we worked together.  It was a blessing just to be able to touch their lives.”   Linda Bear (TN)

Child Sponsorship.  “When the child I sponsor came out to play VBS games, I asked for him to be pointed out to me, so I could watch him play.  We were introduced which was amazing.  But when we went back to play the games, I saw him pointing me out to his friends.  He had such a pride in his eyes.  I cannot explain what that did to my soul.  Being able to see him and to see that, as I was obedient to God, it not only helped the child but his whole family have a better life is very humbling.” Crystal Redmon (MO)

Construction.  “Thank you, Brent, for the opportunity to serve in missions.  It was a great experience.  To meet and make new friends in a foreign country and give them some basic carpentry skills and material items like clothing and tools.”  Bob Fritsche (FL)

Medical.  “Seeing members of our church family on a medical mission and their heart to serve God by serving the people of Haiti was a powerful picture forever etched in my mind. Add to that (the clean water pilot project) watching the children drink water that would not “hurt their tummies” was such a heart rending moment that neither we nor they will forget. Our people are forever changed and did not want to leave. Thanks NHMI for being faithful to God’s call.”  Senior Pastor Steve Gallimore (TN)

Team Leadership.  “I recently returned home from Haiti after leading a team for five days.  This team had five teenagers serving with us. Having had the opportunity to work with teenagers for thirty years, I have come to realize that they have tremendous energy, enthusiasm, creativity skills and adaptability. When teenagers are given proper training in what to do and challenging opportunities to accomplish, they will rise to the occasion every time.  Personal example was when this team was met with more challenges than any other team I have served on in Haiti since 2007.  These teenagers faced everyone of them down.  I saw God transform lives right before my eyes.  I highly recommend that all future teams utilize this invaluable resource, and may we train future leaders for the Kingdom by trusting God to mold and shape our teenagers.”  Senior Pastor Ralph Morris (MO)

As God plants vision in the hearts of men and builds relationships between cultures, our prayer is that He is glorified by the eternal fruit of our combined kingdom service.

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