Baby News & Field Update

Dear Beloved Mission Family:

Pictures can be “kodak moments.”  And that’s what today’s blog is about … sharing pictures with you of Pastor and Enise Duckson’s twins.  Born 01.27.12, Enide and Edson are the newest additions to the NHMI family in Haiti 🙂

FYI.  Pastor Duckson is the shepherd of the third NHMI church-school location: Biley.  He finished seminary training in 2007 and has been in ministry for almost five years.  When asked why he chose to pursue ministry as a life choice, he said, “This is a big question for me.  This is a big thing in my life as a Christian.  God gave me new life so everyone will know that He is Lord.  The prayer that I pray often is the prayer of Solomon.  I ask for wisdom and intelligence for me to bring to Your people.”  When asked about his lovely wife, he said, “The most beautiful thing I love about Enise is her sense of responsibility.  That mean she is ready to build a Christian family.  I see her in my heart, the love she has for me, and the support she provides for the work of God.”


The words on the paper are for a thank you note to all of us from Pastor and Madame Duckson “Glory and honour to God for the year of wedding March 11, 2011 – March 11, 2012.  Thank you N.H.M. (New Hope Mission Family in the U.S.A.)

Eternally Connected in Kingdom Partnership,

D (Diana Baird)

P.S.  Brent landed in Haiti this morning with Board Member Mark Elliott.  They will be on the field for 2 1/2 days.  Would definitely appreciate your prayers for God-given purpose to be fulfilled and multiplied eternal fruit to be the harvest 🙂